Most hair wholesalers are on the lookout for and eager to acquire significant human hair for use in manufacturing. Why, therefore, is raw hair so well-liked? Can you quantify how much money it makes? In this essay, I’d like to take a closer look at it.

Sort out virgin hair from raw hair

Raw hair and virgin hair are two terms that are sometimes confused with one another. Is virgin hair included in raw hair? Discovering the solution can be found in the next portion:

  • Concept: Following, we will examine what exactly is meant by the terms “raw hair” and “virgin hair.”
    • Raw hair is human hair that has not been treated in any way; it is obtained directly from hair contributors and retains its epidermis. Materials are considered to be unfiltered if they have not been subjected to any form of treatment, including temperature, solvents, or vapor. Raw human hair is the most unprocessed and genuine form of hair that can be purchased from a hair supplier.
    • The term “virgin hair” refers to hair which has not been treated or altered in any way. Virgin hair is assured to retain its natural cellular structure and is made up of human hair that has not been treated in any way.

  • Source: Raw hair is unprocessed hair that has been collected from a large number of hair donations (the grade of the hair collected from each recipient is very comparable), whereas virgin hair is collected from just a single hair giver.
  • Technology: The term “raw hair” refers to tresses that have not been heated, treated with any chemicals, or steamed. Since being collected, it is next washed and processed into extensions, strands, points, clip, and other hair items before being offered for sale to the general public. When using virgin hair, retail virgin hair manufacturers gather and produce heat treatment and connect the cells to produce a more consistent structure. This results in the hair having a more natural appearance.
  • Features:Therefore, what distinguishes raw hair from virgin hair and why is it desirable? Let’s have a look at what’s beneath:

  • There are typically two types of raw hair available: straight and spontaneous curl or curly. Raw human hair is more highly valued than virgin hair despite having a less smooth thickness; this is due to it being 100percentage percent organic and has not been artificially treated, making it extremely nutritious.
  • Because virgin hair is obtained from only single individual, the structure is consistent throughout the strands. Virgin hair is often silky and robust. After being treated, the hair has a consistent hue and can be lightened to a range of up to 613 different shades. When compared to raw hair, the price of elevated virgin hair might be significantly more.

At around this moment, you should have a clear understanding of the difference between raw hair and virgin hair, correct? You have the option of purchasing virgin hair or raw hair, based on your requirements. But genuine virgin hair on the industry nowadays is difficult to come by; the majority of the products on offer are jamie hair. When you desire to obtain virgin hair, you will have to perform extensive research and select hair providers who have a good reputation.

Major sources of raw hair for the industry

The question is, therefore, where do the raw hair components that are found on the present hair marketplace originate from? In this chapter, let’s get acquainted with those nations, shall we?

2.1. Nations in Southeast Asia – Top suppliers of raw hair

The value and affordability of raw hair and related items from Southeast Asian countries is quite good.

  • Just using hair taken straight from young females, with follicles still unbroken and no organic solvents, guarantees raw hair purity.
  • Due to the obvious top standard and transparent source of their raw hair as well as other hairdressing goods, they attract buyers from around the globe
  • Raw hair from these regions does not come cheap, but it is on par with the global norm. With this top caliber, however, the initial offer is seen as extremely fair and affordable.

2.2 Massive volumes of raw hair are sent to China by other nations.

The Chinese market for human hair is the global’s oldest, and the country is now well-known for its low-priced, high-volume output of raw hair.

  • Several nations, including Vietnam, India, Malaysia, and Laos, supply the raw hair ingredients that Chinese wig producers purchase.

Massive volumes of raw hair are sent to China by other nations.

  • Given the number of different types of hair being collected, it might be challenging to assess the superiority of raw hair and other goods. As a result, it is challenging for raw Chinese hair to meet the criteria of overseas purchasers.
  • Companies are capable of providing very cheap raw hair due to the cost savings that go with automation processing.

Chinese raw hair is an excellent alternative for budget-conscious shoppers looking to buy hair extensions because of its wider availability and lower rates.

2.3. India – where supply raw hair at the lowest prices

India is a major marketplace for hair and a great place to shop. The low cost of their raw hair makes it a best-seller.

  • The main source of Indian raw hair comes from Temple hair. Temple hair is hair collected in Indian temples – where people have a ritual of shaving.
  • There are different opinions about the quality of raw hair. However, in general, customers say that Indian coarse hair is often difficult to color and style and can only be used for a short time.
  • Indian raw hair is much cheaper than Chinese hair and hair from Southeast Asian countries. However, quality cannot be guaranteed.

India – where supply raw hair at the lowest prices

Indian hair is a good option for customers looking to get cheap raw human hair as long as they can find items that satisfy and suit their requirements.

3. Where you can buy high-quality raw hair at reasonable prices

We’ve compiled a list of dependable raw human hair producers whose products are well-regarded by clients worldwide.

3.1. Ted hair – one of the best Chinese raw hair factories

When it comes to buying raw hair, Ted Hair is a name that is trusted and recognized all around the world.


Ted hair – one of the best Chinese raw hair factories

  • They have a wide range of products: hair bundles, wigs, tape-in, clip-in….made mainly from Brazilian hair and Malaysian.
  • They offer high-quality raw hair and great services to stylists, salon owners, shop owners, and online merchants all over the world.
  • Compared to those offered by other Chinese suppliers, Ted Hair’s raw hair products are quite expensive.

Ted hair is a great choice if you want to buy raw hair in large quantities quickly.

3.2. Vin hair vendor – the best raw Vietnamese hair factory

Mic Hair is recognized as the leading hair supplier in Vietnam and a well-known distributor of raw hair to other distributors around the world.


Vin hair vendor – the best raw Vietnamese hair factory

  • Products: raw hair bundles, weft hair, closures, frontals, hair extensions…
  • Price: very competitive, from 8.8 USD/ hair bundle
  • They receive a lot of positive feedback about their hair quality and professional customer service.

Vin hair vendor is a great place where you can buy high-quality raw hair at a reasonable price.

3.3. Apsara Cambodian Hair – the most popular raw hair vendor in Cambodia

If you’re looking for a broad variety of raw hair extension products, Cambodian hair is a fantastic choice.


Apsara Cambodian Hair – the most popular raw hair vendor in Cambodia

  • Products: They have a wide variety of hairstyles and colors available.
  • The hair is made from 100% Cambodian raw hair. The maximum length is just 28 inches.
  • The price is quite expensive but the quality is good

Apsara Cambodian Hair is an ideal option to take into consideration if you’re searching to buy Cambodian raw hair.