The phrase “Burmese raw hair” is commonly used in the hair industry, but its meaning could be unclear to those who work in the field. Buying raw Burmese hair might be difficult, but this article will offer you with several reputable sources.

1. Is it true that Burmese raw hair is of top standard

One of the varieties of hair that is in the most demand right now is raw Burmese hair that originates in the country of Burma. How does it compare to other objects, as well as how it varies from them? Start taking a look at the list beneath for some of its characteristics.

  • In addition to being able to retain spirals nicely, the suppleness and versatility of Burmese raw hair make it a great choice for a variety of styles. It combines Vietnamese and Chinese hair to create a look that’s uniquely beautiful and full of life.
  • A natural black and glossy texture characterizes Burmese raw hair. Unprocessed Burmese hair is naturally jet black, nice and soft, and has few grays. This is due to the fact that many Burmese women prefer to utilize all-natural hair care items. They shampoo and clean their heads using lukewarm water to delay the onset of gray hair, restore the hair’s natural Ph level, and keep their hair longer and stronger.

  • Burmese raw hair is robust and resilient since it has not been altered in any way from its natural state. All of the hair strands remain unbroken, which is a sign of good, long-lasting hair. The cuticles on Burmese raw hair are so sturdy that they readily absorb the particles of color. Your hair can be whatever shade, from black to blonde, that you desire.

Since most Burmese raw hair is of a pharmaceutical grade, it may be easily dyed and styled. For those interested in the hair industry, raw Burmese hair from Burma is a good bet due to the wide range of qualities it offers.

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2. The supply of Burmese raw hair to the international market

Burmese raw hair is more plentiful than raw hair in Vietnam since the nation is not split into two parts, the South and the North, as it is in Vietnam.


Burmese raw hair is more plentiful than raw hair in Vietnam

Additionally, Chinese hair merchants can manage the collection of goods back to China in Myanmar because the people are friendly and somewhat backward (the majority of the population is Buddhist), share a border with China, and receive significant investments from China (to influence the political economy). Burma does not directly supply much Burmese raw hair to the hair market, but it is primarily purchased and supplied by Chinese hair market traders and offered to the hair market.

3. The price of Burmese raw hair 

Because of the varying handling and collecting methods used by each provider, the costs of raw Burmese hair bundles and extensions from Burmese hair producers and dealers might fluctuate significantly. The majority of Burmese raw hair will be sold in bundles since this nation still has outdated technologies. Straight 10″ hair weft bundles start at $20.


The price of Burmese raw hair 

A fascinating fact you should know: Chinese hair companies often combine raw Burmese hair with raw Indian hair to maintain a balance between cost and quality. This is a crucial source of supplies, but the Covid-19 outbreak and the Burmese civil war in particular in 2020 severely damaged the supply chain and the ability to harvest Burmese raw hair, which had a negative impact on both the price and quality of the hair.

4. Where to find the best Burmese raw hair

For your convenience and to spare you time and effort, we offer to put together a list of reliable suppliers from which you can obtain Burmese raw hair.

4.1. Efficient Hair Company – top 1 vendor providing Burmese raw hair 

The Effective Hair Company is a booming enterprise that can be found in the heart of Natmauk, which is located in Magwe, Myanmar.


Efficient Hair Company – top 1 vendor providing Burmese raw hair 

  • In Myanmar, they collected hair among young females, women in decent shape, and others who donated their hair. They exclusively sell raw hair of the highest quality from Burma.
  • They sell hair bunches in a wide variety of lengths and patterns
  • Though expensive, the product is of excellent quality

4.2. Naing Myanmar Hair Company – top 2 vendor providing Burmese raw hair

Naing Myanmar Hair Company, with over ten years of work, is widely regarded as a top destination for sourcing Burmese raw hair.


Naing Myanmar Hair Company – top 2 vendor providing Burmese raw hair

  • Hair bundles, closures, and frontals are their primary offerings.
  • Prices are low, and the quality is excellent.

Naing Myanmar Hair Company is a reliable source of premium Burmese raw hair for any enterprise.

4.3. Tet Nay Lin Co., Ltd – top 3 vendor providing Burmese raw hair

Tet Nay Lin Co., Ltd has worked in the spiky hairstyle for ten years, and it is renowned for selling  Burmese raw hair of an excellent caliber at costs that are affordable.


Tet Nay Lin Co., Ltd – top 3 vendor providing Burmese raw hair

  • The pricing is fairly cheap at 20 USD for each 10″ straight hair weft.
  • Starting at $59,8 USD with Premium Shipping
  • They have a rule that allows for exchanges and refunds.

Visit Tet Nay Lin Co., Ltd. if you are seeking a business that will go the extra mile to satisfy your requirements in every way possible.