Those in the spiky hairstyle have likely come across the term “Cambodian raw hair,” but they may be unsure of what it actually means. How and from whom to acquire unprocessed Cambodian hair is discussed in depth below

The origin of Cambodian raw hair

Cambodian Raw hair comes from rural, poor women. Hair sellers benefit greatly from their willingness to devote the time to provide for their long locks and stretch them out despite the hardships they face on a daily basis. Nevertheless, as the market of Cambodia improves, fewer women are willing to exchange their hair, and Cambodian raw hair is harder to come by. It might be challenging to verify the purity of raw hair purchased in Cambodia because some dealers bring in hair from other nations.

Cambodian raw hair manufacturer reveals its private information

Does anyone know how much good Cambodian raw hair would cost and if it would be exorbitant or inexpensive. In this subsection, we will learn the reply.

2.1. Could it be true that Cambodian raw hair is of top standard

Cambodian Raw hair has quickly become one of the most sought-after forms of hair presently available for purchase. So, what makes it so unique and trendy? Following, you’ll find a list of its properties.

  • To prevent the hair from shedding or tangling and to ensure that the cells have not been damaged, check to see that all of the tresses are going in the one way.
  • Provided you know how to prevent it, Cambodian raw hair could be colored and groomed without causing any harm as it is incredibly dense, smooth, and resilient. These characteristics are comparable to those of raw hair purchased from raw hair merchants in Vietnam. This is due to the fact that another origin of Cambodian raw hair comes from the women who live in tiny towns. While they shampoo their hair, these women frequently make use of medicinal substances and chilled water, and they prevent cleaning their hair with detergents.
  • Cambodian Raw hair has a little disturbed texture, yet this characteristic works to your advantage if you choose to grow your hair in a curled or wave pattern.

Overall, Cambodian raw hair is of a high grade that makes it ideal for dying and styling into wavy haircuts. If you work in the trade of selling hair, there is another supply of hair that could be profitable to spend in.

2.2. A look at the cost of Cambodian raw hair

Although it is not inexpensive, Cambodian raw hair falls into the middle-priced category of the existing economy for hair. However, when weighed against its excellence, the hair’s pricing is absolutely affordable, beginning at 16 USD for a package of 100g and 8 inches of hair. The following are just a few elements that influence the cost of Cambodian raw hair as an insight:

  • Because there are fewer women in Cambodia who sell their hair as a result of modernization, hair catchers have to pay a higher price to do business with those who do sell their hair. This is in contrast to the situation in the past.
  • The average salary in Cambodia is somewhere between poor and middle because the nation is still growing; hence, the cost of compensating employees in Cambodian raw hair manufacturers is likewise quite inexpensive.

  • The majority of the procedures in Cambodian raw hair companies also are performed by hand due to the primitive nature of the equipment and instruments used in these industries. Because of this, the amount required to put in infrastructure and equipment is not excessively high.

As is evident from the aforementioned criteria, Cambodian raw hair sellers are still capable of selling their products at among the most affordable and fair pricing in the latest hair industry, despite the superior grade of the hair that they offer.

3. How to check the quality of Cambodian raw hair

Some Cambodian hair suppliers get hair from many different places, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality. If you have relatives and friends near the raw hair factory, you can ask them to come and check the quality of Cambodian raw hair. Or if the hair salon provides samples, you can order samples and check the quality. Follow some of our tips for choosing high-quality Cambodian raw hair:

  • Check the hair bundle you want to purchase to make sure that the hair is the right length
  • See whether the hair is ruffled and frizzy at the ends. If it is, the cuticle has been damaged, then the hair is not really raw hair and will rapidly become brittle and break.
  • To check for hair shedding and to see if the hair is silky, stroke the hair bundle several times with your hand.

To check for hair shedding and to see if the hair is silky, stroke the hair bundle several times with your hand

  • Because raw hair hasn’t been chemically treated, it will smell fresh and natural. It is not high-quality hair if it has an odd scent or a chemical smell.

4. Some places you can buy Cambodian raw hair with high quality

We’ve compiled a list of trustworthy Cambodian raw hair vendors where you can buy Cambodian raw hair with high quality

4.1. Apsara Cambodian Hair – One of the most popular Cambodian raw hair vendors

The Apsara Cambodian Hair product line has a wide range of choices for those who are beginners to hair extensions, hair lovers, hair stylists, and people who want to become distributors.


Apsara Cambodian Hair – One of the most popular Cambodian raw hair vendors

  • Products: many products with many lengths and colors
  • Price: very reasonable, starting at $450/1 kg Cambodian straight hair

If you’re looking to purchase Cambodian raw hair, take a look at Apsara Cambodian Hair; they won’t disappoint you.

4.2. Angkor Cambodian Hair – One of the most reliable Cambodian raw hair suppliers

  • Products: Angkor Cambodian Hair comes in five different textures: straight, loose wave, body wave, deep wave, and small curly. They have a wide variety of hair products, including wigs, clip-in extensions, frontals, closures, and even grey and white hair.

Angkor Cambodian Hair – One of the most reliable Cambodian raw hair suppliers

  • This Cambodian provider of raw hair prioritizes fulfilling the requirements of small & medium wholesalers (1–20 kg for 1 order).
  • Prices: Prices are based on double-drawn straight wefts. You have to add more $10kg for loose/natural wave; 20 USD/kg for very wavy; and 30 USD/kg for deep wavy/curly.

Angkor Cambodian Hair is the best option if you’re seeking raw Cambodian hair of the greatest quality.

4.3. Virgin Hair Cambodia – A trustworthy Cambodian raw hair supplier

Virgin Hair Cambodia only sells extensions and wigs produced from 100% natural, raw Cambodian Remy hair.


Virgin Hair Cambodia – A trustworthy Cambodian raw hair supplier

  • Products: Black, Natural Brown, and Grey are the three original colors and Straight, Wavy, and Curly are the three original patterns they offered. Additionally, they provide products with customization and precise weft trimming and sewing.
  • Price: This Cambodian raw hair vendor sells premium products starting at $625 for 1 kilogram of pure straight virgin Remy hair.
  • Policy: They accept returns within 2 weeks.

When it comes to working with a company that will go above and beyond to meet your demands, Virgin Hair Cambodia is your best option.

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