Among the most sought-after varieties of raw hair now available for purchase is Cambodian hair. And whether working with Cambodia raw hair vendors is something that would be beneficial to your company. Read this blog with me, and I’ll fill you in on their trade marks.


Cambodian raw hair vendor – Dealing With It To Make Huge Bargain

1. Basic information on Cambodian raw hair vendors

Let’s get to the bottom of everything there is to learn about the Cambodian raw hair vendors, shall we?

1.1. The grade of Cambodian raw hair vendors

The majority of Cambodia’s unprocessed hair grows from either the nation’s rural women. In certain areas, it is traditional for women to maintain their tresses and afterwards offer it to individuals who gather hair. This revenue assists them in covering some of their daily expenditures, which is a significant aid to families.

The following are a few crucial qualities of raw hair, as described by a Cambodian raw hair vendor:

  • The epidermis is durable, ensuring that all of the hairs grow in the same way and preventing the hair from becoming tangled or falling out.

The epidermis is durable, ensuring that all of the hairs grow in the same way

  • The original color of the hair is a deep, rich black. It is fairly dense. It is possible to darken hair, lighten it, and afterwards tone it in a very uniform manner. This is due to the fact that Cambodian women typically keep hold of their hair by using substances, avoiding treatments that include artificial chemicals, and washing your hair with tepid water.
  • Because Cambodian hair is naturally tangled and uneven, it is suitable for haircuts that involve curling or waves. If you employ those techniques to arrange your hair, the end result will retain its form for a considerable amount of time.

Nevertheless, as society has progressed, fewer women have felt the need to trade their hair, creating enormous raw hair from Cambodia increasingly difficult to come by. Many Cambodian raw hair vendors purchase hair from other countries and blend it in with their stock. Therefore, one must do extensive study and inquiry prior to making a purchase for elevated hair.

1.2. The cost of hair purchased from Cambodian raw hair vendors

Cambodian hair is priced in the middle of the hair marketplace, with 100 grams of 8 inches of unprocessed quantity hair costing $12. However, when sourced from reliable, elevated hair donors, the price becomes surprisingly reasonable.

Several of the elements that play a role in hair producers’ choices to determine selling pricing include:

  • Hair catchers are currently required to charge extra than they used to for elevated hair from Cambodian women since fewer women are donating their hair due to the nation’s more socioeconomic system.
  • It is inexpensive to hire workers for raw hair businesses in Cambodia since the country is a poor country having low and average income ranges.
  • Cambodian Raw hair vendors rely heavily on manual labor and outdated machinery. Therefore, there is not a large initial expenditure in apparatus or technology.

2. How to negotiate reasonable prices with Cambodian raw hair vendors

Quality is crucial to the success of any organization, but cost must also be taken into account. Below are some tips on haggling with Cambodian raw hair vendors to get the best price:

  • Conversations with a variety of salesmen at the same firm: Since each salesperson at a Cambodian raw hair vendor offers their own unique discounts and perks, it’s best to contact as many of them as possible simultaneously. From that list, you can pick the offer that truly works for you.

  • Listed pricing for a range of order sizes: They would happily give you the lowest feasible price for your initial purchase, despite the fact that it is not a large quantity.
  • For their most clients, most Cambodian raw hair vendors provide a variety of discounts and other perks. Be committed to your chosen vendor once you’ve determined they’re a good fit.

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3. Some suggestions of top Cambodian raw hair vendors

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 Cambodian raw hair vendors based on a variety of criteria.

3.1. Angkor Cambodian Hair – Top best raw Cambodian hair vendors

Angkor Cambodian Hair, a prominent raw Cambodian hair wholesale distributor, provides wholesale factory-direct pricing with the best quality hair.


Angkor Cambodian Hair – Top best raw Cambodian hair vendors

  • They have many products with many colors and lengths: tape in, clip in, tip in, hair bundles…
  • This Cambodian raw hair vendor focuses on meeting the needs of medium-sized distributors (1–20 kg for 1 order).
  • Prices: very reasonable with high quality hair

If you’re seeking for high-quality Cambodian raw hair, Angkor Cambodian Hair is an excellent Cambodian raw hair vendor.

3.2. Virgin Hair Cambodia – A trustworthy Cambodian raw hair factory offers the best quality hair

Virgin Hair Cambodia offers high-quality products made from unprocessed, 100% Virgin Remy Cambodian hair.


Virgin Hair Cambodia – A trustworthy Cambodian raw hair factory offers the best quality hair

  • Products: It is available in three original colors: black, natural brown, and grey, as well as three original textures: straight, wavy, and curly. They are capable of producing a highly customized fit by meticulously sewing and cutting their wefts.
  • Price: The pricing for this Cambodian raw hair vendor starts at $625 for 1 kilogram of natural straight virgin Remy hair, and fluctuates depending on hair length.
  • Policy: Return within 2 weeks.

Virgin Hair Cambodia is the greatest business to deal with, and they will go above and beyond to satisfy your needs.

3.3. Apsara Cambodian Hair – The best raw Cambodian hair factory in Cambodia has reasonable prices

Apsara Cambodian Hair is a trustworthy Cambodian raw hair vendor you can work with.


Apsara Cambodian Hair – The best raw Cambodian hair factory in Cambodia has reasonable prices

  • Main products: many hairstyles with many colors and lengths for you to choose from.
  • Price: Starting at $450.00 for 1 kg Cambodian straight hair, it is cheaper than Virgin Hair Cambodia and on par with Angkor Air Cambodia.
  • They accept returns and exchanges. It is less expensive than Virgin Hair Cambodia and comparable to Angkor Air Cambodia, with prices starting at $450.00 for 1-kilogram Cambodian straight hair.

With high quality and reasonable price, Apsara Cambodian Hair may be a great partner for your business.