This article will provide the primary benefits that Gla Hair offers and the reasons why it is regarded as one of the top European hair suppliers.

Gla Hair has become the top hair supplier in Europe in the competitive and dynamic field of hair extensions, attracting various customers with its outstanding quality and services. In this post, you will understand the reasons for Gla Hair’s rise to fame in Europe.

Introduction about Gla Hair

Gla Hair has over ten years of expertise in the production and export of raw virgin human hair. The name “Gla Hair” means the most exquisite and high-quality hair. The word “glamour” stands for charm, beauty, and appeal. Gla Hair was founded by a group of highly skilled hair experts with many years of experience with the goal of providing premium hair extensions to hair salons and hair wholesalers around the globe, particularly in the European market.  

Gla Hair has built a strong reputation in the European hair extension market, attracted a sizable client base, and received several favorable reviews by offering premium goods at affordable costs. They have collaborated with more than 1500 customers worldwide, especially customers in the European region such as the USA, Russia, Spain, Dubai, Ireland, etc.

Introduction Gla Hair

Introduction Gla Hair

Reasons to make Gla Hair become Europe’s leading hair extension supplier

The Gla Hair brand has gained a significant reputation due to 4 primary factors: superior goods, affordable prices, a wide range of products, and the greatest customer service.

Gla Hair provides superior products

To assure flawless hair quality, Gla Hair uses only the best-grade raw human virgin hair, which is hand-picked and obtained from Vietnamese highland women. These hairs have a very robust cuticle layer since women here usually use natural herbs to nourish hair.

Gla Hair is certain that its cutting-edge factory, which spans up to 1000 square meters and employs over 120 staff, can produce the highest quality human hair extensions on the market right now. Clients obtain hair extensions with exceptional softness, longevity, and natural sheen due to the rigorous attention to detail at every stage.

Gla Hair provides luxury hair extensions

Gla Hair provides luxury hair extensions

Gla Hair has a diverse range of products

Gla Hair is well known for providing a wide selection of products to accommodate all client requirements.

  • Gla Hair’s primary offerings include bulk hair, weft hair, clips in hair extensions, tip-in, tape-in, and ponytail. Natural straight, bone straight, loose wavy, body wavy, curly, kinky,.. are among the hairstyle options.
  • At Gla Hair, they provide all hair tones from natural, and dark to light colors. Complicated hues like balayage, ombre, and highlight are also available.
  • The hair lengths offered by Gla Hair vary from 8 to 30 inches, ensuring you will find the most suitable option.

In addition, Gla Hair offers on-demand manufacturing services to satisfy any client’s need in the worldwide market, particularly in Europe. Gla Hair consistently creates and refreshes the newest styles and fashions in the hair industry to guarantee that clients receive the highest-quality items.

Products range of Gla Hair

Products range of Gla Hair

Gla Hair provides products at the most competitive prices

Many customers consider the price of wholesale hair extensions as a large portion of their purchase decisions. Gla Hair products have a reasonable and competitive price range with the present market.

  • Natural color weft 12 inch: $31/ 100g
  • Natural color tape-in 12-inch: $43/ 100g
  • Natural color tip-in 12 inch: $39/100g
  • Natural color clip-in 12-inch: $40/100g

Numerous clients claim that Gla Hair’s prices are rather reasonable for the high-quality products they offer. Their enormous number of promotions and discounts for customers also make them a reliable place for bulk purchases.

Gla Hair supplies hair extensions with best price

Gla Hair supplies hair extensions with best price

Gla Hair: The greatest customer service

In addition to superior items, Gla Hair provides a thorough shopping experience together with friendly customer support. Their staff are professionally trained and constantly there to listen, address any concerns, and assist clients wherever and whenever they need it. Customers frequently compliment Gla Hair on the quality of the products as well as the committed customer care this supplier offers.

Customers receive committed assistance throughout the respectable and quick purchase procedure. Additionally, they have a reasonable 7-day product return policy, which gives buyers peace of mind when they order here. 

Customer feedback  about Gla Hair

Customer feedback  about Gla Hair

Gla Hair’s ascent to the top of the European hair supplier market is attributed to its unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and client happiness. For the best wholesale hair source and an amazing shopping experience, get in touch with Gla Hair right now.

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