As someone who has struggled with lifeless hair for years, I know it’s necessary to find a good hair vendor providing high quality hair extensions. Ivirgo Hair does just that. In this blog, we’ll take an in-depth look at Ivirgo Hair reviews to get an overview about them.

Ivirgo hair reviews: Company introduction

In the first part of Ivirgo Hair reviews, we will get a brief introduction about their business. Ivirgo Hair is a Vietnamese hair vendor. As one of the top-tier Vietnamese businesses they mainly export natural raw hair from Cambodian and Vietnamese donors to numerous nations across the globe.
In particular, they provide weft and bulk supplies of high-quality, 100% human hair that is directly and ethically sourced. This explains why they have a lot of loyal clients in the European, African and American market.

Ivirgo hair reviews: Products

According to Ivirgo Hair reviews, this hair vendor is dedicated to offering goods manufactured from hair that hasn’t been treated or subjected to chemicals, including hair from Cambodia and Vietnam. However, in order to make them more uniform, hair products must go through processing steps in one way or another.

  • Products: Human hair extensions, lace frontals, raw Cambodian hair, and Vietnamese hair
  • Lengths: from 6 to 32 inches
  • Colors: from the popular colors like black, dark brown, blonde to more vibrant colors like red, blue…
  • Textures: From natural straight, bone straight to deep wavy, deep curly

From my experience and other Ivirgo Hair reviews, the products available at Ivirgo Hair arent in as wide variety as other hair vendors.


Some types of products are available at Ivirgo Hair.

Ivirgo Hair reviews: Quality

Many customers show their satisfaction about the hair quality in Ivirgo Hair reviews.

  • High quality materials: Ivirgo  Hair supplies hair extensions made of clear-origin and  premium raw materials which is high quality Vietnamese hair. This hair is soft, silky, shiny and healthy by nature.
  • Good density and texture: A lot of buyers love the density and the beautiful textures they get from Ivirgo hair. The products are thick, soft and silky, giving off a soft touch and attractive appearance
  • Long-lasting: Many Ivirgo Hair reviews say hair products from Ivirgo Hair are durable. They can last for years with proper care
  • Versatility: Ivirgo Hair’s products can be styled in various way like dying, bleaching, curling and still retains good quality.

Hair quality is the factor in Ivirgo Hair reviews that makes the customers want to make the next purchase from this hair vendor. With this high quality hair, Ivirgo Hair is considered among the best raw hair vendors in Vietnam as well as in Asia.

Ivirgo hair reviews: Prices

Many Ivirgo hair reviews claim that the company’s hair costs are comparable to those of other well-known hair brands in Vietnam and fall into the category of typical hair pricing. However, since prices aren’t shown on their website, shoppers must get in touch with the staff to learn how much each item costs. Many online buyers find this flaw to be highly frustrating.

The majority of consumers who reviewed Ivirgo Hair stated that the company offers several discounts and promotions, and that the price is reasonable.

Ivirgo hair reviews: Customer service

The customer service team of Ivirgo Hair may be reached by email or WhatsApp. They also have a Facebook fan page where you may get in touch with them, however the response time is a little slow. The customer service staff and consultants at Ivirgo hair Vietnam are devoted and competent. They constantly respond to inquiries and provide the most efficient and quick customer service. Customer service gets a lot of positive feedback in overall Ivirgo Hair reviews.
Many consumers compliment Ivirgo hair customer service in their evaluations, saying that the staff is constantly available and prepared to respond to their inquiries. Customers do, however, occasionally voice dissatisfaction with their customer support.

Ivirgo Hair reviews: Payments

Based on various Ivirgo Hair reviews, making payments at Ivirgo Hair is quick and safe. Ivirgo hair accepts bank transfers PayPal, MoneyGram, Agent and Western Union. PayPal is a safe payment method with assured buyer protection that is accepted by Ivirgo hair Vietnam. However, in order to use PayPal, your order must comply with specific standards.
If you have troubles or any questions about payment making, don’t hesitate to contact the team for quick help.


Many payment methods can be used at Ivirgo Hair.

Ivirgo Hair reviews: Shipment

They collaborate with shipping firms like DHL, UPS, FedEx, EMS, etc. for delivery. Delivery typically takes between 5 and 10 days, depending on the area. The client will receive the products right away. Ivirgo hair Vietnam constantly monitors the shipping procedure to make sure it runs well and fast. As a result, many customer appreciate that in Ivirgo Hair reviews.

The quantity of hair you buy will affect the shipping price. If the items are heavier, shipping charges will go up, but if you buy more, you’ll save money. That’s typical when purchasing abroad

Ivirgo hair reviews: Pros and cons

As someone who has tried Ivirgo Hair extensions, I can confidently say that they are a great option for anyone looking to add length or volume to their hair. However, based on many Ivirgo Hair reviews, there are some pros and cons to consider:

Ivirgo Hair reviews: Pros

There are a few pros in most Ivirgo Hair reviews:

  • High-quality remy human hair: The extensions are made from real human hair, which means they look and feel natural. They blend seamlessly with your own hair and an be styled just like it. For high-quality hair they supply, Ivirgo hair is recoginzed as cmong the top hair factories in Vietnam.
  • Affordable prices: Compared to other high-end Vietnamese hair factories, Ivirgo Hair’s products are relatively affordable. You can get a set of extensions for a fraction of the cost of some other brands. This is a highlight in various Ivirgo Hair reviews.
  • Wide variety of extensions: Ivirgo Hair offers a range of extensions to suit different preferences and budgets. You can choose from clip-ins, tape-ins, wefts, and more.
  • No shedding or tangling: The extensions are made to last and won’t shed or tangle like some other brands. You can wear them for weeks or even months without any issues.
  • Excellent customer service: Ivirgo Hair has great customer service and offers free shipping worldwide. If you have any questions or concerns, they are always happy to help.

Above are the things that many customers love in most Ivirgo Hair reviews.

Ivirgo Hair reviews: Cons

However, besides all the pros, there are a few cons that the customers have mentioned in some Ivirgo Hair reviews.

  • Limited selection: While Ivirgo Hair offers a wide variety of extensions, some products may have limited options when it comes to length and weight. This may not be an issue for everyone, but it’s something to keep in mind.
  • Online shopping only: Ivirgo Hair doesn’t have any physical stores, so you can only shop online. This may be inconvenient for some people who prefer to see and touch products before buying them.
  • Professional installation: Depending on the type of extensions you choose, you may need to have them professionally installed or maintained. This can add to the overall cost of the extensions.

Ivirgo Hair extensions are a great option for anyone looking to add length or volume to their hair. However, there are a few cons to consider when you decide to buy hair from them. Don’t forget to read Ivirgo Hair reviews carefully before making a purchase.

Ivirgo Hair reviews: Conclusion

In conclusion, Ivirgo Hair is a reliable and trustworthy company that offers high-quality hair extensions at affordable prices. According to Ivirgo Hair reviews, their hair quality is excellent, their prices are reasonable, and their service is exceptional.
Whether you’re looking for clip-in, tape-in, sew-in, or fusion extensions, Ivirgo Hair has got you covered. So why not give it a try and see for yourself? Your dream hair may be just a few clicks away!