It’s no secret that raw hair bundles are in growth. Nevertheless, their meanings and qualities are still widely misunderstood. Learn all you need to know about purchasing raw hair bundles from hair merchants across the globe and how to accomplish it with the help of this blog

1. What is raw hair bundles

Raw hair bundles are raw hair that has not been processed with chemicals taken from hair donors and then bundled into hair bundles.

Today, the term “raw hair bundles” is also used to indicate hair weft, tip, tape, etc made from raw hair materials

2. Where to get high quality raw hair bundles

Buy ought to do your shopping in nations that have had a significant presence in the hair business for a long time and have an extensive supply of raw ingredients if you want the greatest pricing and quality. Cambodia, China are examples of nations that meet the requirements of these two categories.

2.1. The best raw hair bundles may be found in Cambodia

The following reasons have contributed to Cambodian hair manufacturers’ long-standing reputation for the quality of the raw hair bundles they produce:

  • Where the raw hair bundles in Cambodia come from and their natural characteristics
    • One might say that raw hair bundles are almost entirely of unprocessed material and contain no additives. It is snipped cleanly from the hair of the contributors themselves. Natural resources are gathered from remote regions, whereby women cultivate thick locks, keep hold of their hair, avoid exposing their hair to acid treatment, and distribute the hair as a source of side hustle.
    • Cambodian raw hair bundles are often jet black or slightly brownish in color, and either strait or somewhat wavy in texture. Because the individual tresses are so fine, the hair appears to be very supple.

  • Raw hair bundles and their grade
    • The fundamental qualities of real curls, such as suppleness, found in nature, curliness and silkiness, and tenacity, are still present in majority hair. Once Cambodian raw hair bundles are bleached and dyed, as well as when dying the hair the highest hues, such as number 613, the hair does not become knotted. This is one of the reasons why Cambodian raw hair bundles are so popular.
    • When it comes to longevity, Cambodian raw hair bundles are next just to Vietnamese raw hair bundles (one of the longest-lasting robust raw hair kinds on the marketplace currently) in the length of time they can last before needing to be replaced, at up to seven years with excellent service.
  • It is possible to say that the consumption of raw hair bundles is inexpensive in comparison to the value due to the abundance of household building ingredients, the labor expense is lesser, and there are craftsmanship settlements with several decades of expertise. The purchase of raw hair bundles is approximately eight dollars.

2.2. The majority of raw hair bundles are produced in China

When shopping for raw hair bundles, China is another country that deserves your attention and consideration.

  • As a result of primary commodities from many locations, including Southeast Asia, India, and Brazil (primarily because of cheap pricing and a big availability), the provenance and inherent qualities of Chinese raw hair bundles are inconsistent. Curved, rough, and fragile are the most common traits in Chinese raw hair bundles, mimicking those of Indian and Brazilian hair.
  • The grade of Chinese raw hair bundles is not as high as that of other countries. After just a little while of being used, the tresses start to come out or get knotted. This is because Chinese ponytail that is brought into the West undergoes a lengthy and chemical-intensive treatment before it can be sold.

  • In China, there is a wide range of costs for raw hair. Generally speaking, unprocessed hair from India, Pakistan, etc., is less expensive. As a general rule, raw hair bundles will cost you between $7 and $10. The cost of raw Southeast Asian hair is approximately $10 per bundle. For this cost, the unique properties can be found when purchasing straight from raw hair dealers in Southeast Asia.

2.3. India – where supply raw hair bundles at low prices

Along with Cambodia and China, India is one of the top 3 places to buy raw hair bundles.

  • Raw materials for raw Indian hair bundles are obtained directly from donors or from the temples where Indians perform their shaving rituals.
  • Quality of Indian raw hair bundles: They are strong enough to bleach and dye, but they are a bit dry and naturally curly so need to be straightened before styling.
  • Raw Indian hair bundles cost about $6 USD per bundle and are among the cheapest on the international hair market.

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3. Top best places to buy raw hair bundles

Read on to discover which global hair retailers clients agree provide the highest quality raw hair bundles at the most affordable costs.

3.1. Vin Hair

Vin Hair, which has been in business since 2010, is a trusted provider of premium raw hair bundles for clients all around the world.

  • Products: Raw hair bundles, closures & frontals, wigs & extensions in a range of lengths, textures & colors are their bread & butter. The hair weft and wigs they produce are in great demand internationally.
  • Price: they have very reasonable prices
  • Policy: they accept returns and exchanges

Vin Hair, headquartered in Vietnam and having a large, cutting-edge facility there, exports a massive annual quantity of hair products to countries all over the world.

3.2. Adorable Hair

Since its beginning in 2008, Adorable Hair has grown to become one of India’s leading and most trusted providers of raw hair bundles.

  • Products: raw hair bundles, hair wigs, closures and frontals

Adorable Hair – a well-known Indian hair vendor supplying the best raw Indian hair bundles

  • Price: start at 70 USD/ 1kg of natural straight hair 10-inch
  • Policy: they accept returns and exchanges

Adorable Hair is a good place to get raw Indian hair bundles you can refer to.