The quantity of raw hair vendors is growing as more nations get engaged in the hair industry nowadays. Every raw hair company has unique benefits and drawbacks. How do you locate the much more promising firm for your venture? This article would explain everything.

1. Classification in types of raw hair company

There are two sorts of raw hair businesses: manufacturing businesses and commercial businesses. So how would they vary then?

  • A raw hair company that creates hair items obtained from natural hair is said to be in the business of “producing raw hair.” In order to make hair, they not only have experienced people but also factories, gear, technological advancements, and tools. They begin by purchasing raw human hair straight from hair contributors, and afterwards they proceed to produce, prepare, and supply the items to their clients.
  • A raw hair company that purchases raw hair items out of a manufacturer and sells them commercially is known as a commercial raw hair company. They are able to keep products in their storage. And their consumers can be people who work in the hair retailing business, minor hair dealers, or even the end user themselves

In most cases, the raw hair company which is the manufacturer can offer more consistent performance since they get their wide deployment, and at a lower cost as a result of cutting out the intermediary. The pricing would be slightly more since commercial raw hair company have to pay more for closet space and are required to obtain crude ingredients directly from the supplier.

Choosing a trustworthy raw hair manufacturer might be challenging. Additionally, loyal fans are afforded a wide variety of discounts and perks by commercial raw hair company. Additionally, they will focus on some of these items to better serve your requirements. To take the venture to the higher level, you need to discover a reliable company that can supply you with high-quality goods and excellent customer service.

2. How to find a trustworthy raw hair company

Currently, there are so many raw hair company that picking one might be daunting. Here are some ideas we have to assist you to choose the ideal business:

  • Find out more about raw hair companies using the internet and social media. You may also ask people for recommendations for reliable raw hair firms in this area if you have friends or family members who work in the hair industry.
  • A reliable raw hair company will have clear and easy-to-understand websites that detail all aspects of the organization, the hair they sell, and any relevant policies or services.
  • Through social networking sites and hair discussion forums, you may find customer reviews of raw hair company. However, businesses selling raw hair that have excessively positive ratings or no complaints should also be avoided since they could employ reviewers. Choose raw hair companies with at least 80% positive evaluations.

Through social networking sites and hair discussion forums, you may find customer reviews of raw hair company

  • Avoid dealing with raw hair company that always needs upfront payment, and avoid answering your questions.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the raw hair company’s salesman, such as about the source, hair process, and warranty policy. Reputable raw hair providers are ready to address all of your problems, even the most difficult ones.

3. Top list of the best raw hair company 

In the expectation that it can be of assistance to you in finding the raw hair company with the greatest possibility, we have compiled a listing of the 3 best raw hair businesses. Let’s have a peek at what sets them apart from other people.

3.1. Vin hair vendor – the best raw hair company in Vietnam

Vin hair vendor is the largest hair factory in Vietnam with many years of experience in the field of manufacturing and supplying all kinds of hair extensions.


Vin hair vendor – the best raw hair company in Vietnam

  • Products: a wide variety of hair extensions including weft hair, clip-ins, tip-ins, and tape-ins. They are very famous for bone-straight hair.
  • They have the most competitive price in the hair market, from 8 USD/hair bundle
  • They have a lot of positive reviews. Customers give a lot of compliments to the company’s hair quality and customer service

Vin hair vendor is one of the best raw hair company in Vietnam you can choose for your hair business.

3.2. Ted Hair – top reliable raw hair company

Ted Hair is one of the pioneering and most reputable raw hair producers in China. Ted Hair is capable of providing the global hair industry with either an overabundance of elevated hair items at economical cost because of its enormous industrial base and trimming tresses techniques.


Ted Hair – top reliable raw hair company

  • Wigs, closures, frontals, tape, and lace tipped in extensions are the company’s mainstays.
  • The cost varies between USD $24 and $330 per item.
  • During 1 week, you can return or replace your purchase without any hassle.
  • This raw hair company has earned a lot of positive feedback from delighted consumers. Many buyers, though, claim that their bundles include artificial hair and that, as a result, the hair tangles and breaks easily after being used.

With its headquarters in China, Ted Hair is among the country’s best suppliers of natural hair. It regularly distributes lots of pieces into the hair industry. Your company would benefit greatly from working with Hair Ted.

3.3. Unice Hair – top best raw hair company

When it comes to raw hair company, UNice is consistently ranked as one of the largest firms worldwide. This is mostly due to the company’s competitive pricing and extensive item catalog.


Unice Hair – top best raw hair company

  • Hair weaving, net closures, wigs, and hairpieces made from hair sourced from many countries (including India, Brazil, Malaysia, and Peru) are the company’s primary offerings.
  • Between $70 and $320 USD each item the budget varies .
  • You have 1 month to return or replace an item. It takes up to 1 day to process a refund after we acquire and inspect your return request.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy place to acquire hair products, look no farther than UNice Hair, a top-notch raw hair company.

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