The greatest raw hair factory can be hard to identify among the numerous available. We pray you enjoyed this article to be useful whether you’re starting out in the spiky hairstyle or if you already run a personal hair company and are seeking for a reliable raw hair factory.

1. Things Must Know About Raw Hair Factory

Here are some things you must know when buying at raw hair factory are as follows

  • Raw hair factory is a firm that manufactures and sells raw hair and offers services to the international hair market. Raw hair is human hair that has never been subjected to chemicals or heat, the cuticle is still intact. Raw hair is also known as raw materials to make hair extensions such as weaves, tapes in, tips in, etc.
  • There is no longer any virgin hair in the global hair industry; alternatively, remy hair is the standard among all raw hair factory.  This is because a single participant’s hair cannot produce enough hair for a hair cell or weave, hence the price of virgin hair is high. Most “virgin hair” items are in fact made from remy hair that has been hand-picked to have a very greater degree of comparable

  • According to a limitation of household production, most raw hair factory now purchase resources from other nations in addition to using crude ingredients sourced from their home nations. Despite this, the manufacturers continue to identify the imported locks as “your own hairs.”

Where are the best raw hair factory located

There are now many raw hair companies around the world, but the greatest raw hair companies may be found in China, India, and Southeast Asia.

2.1. Southeast Asia – where supplies high-quality products at reasonable prices

Raw hair factory originating in Southeast Asia has traditionally been able to attract clients globally

  • Raw hair extensions supplied by Southeast Asian raw hair factory is typically procured domestically from remote or hilly locations, where young women like to wear their hair straight and treat it with organic products rather than pesticides, resulting in its characteristic thickness, darkness, and resilience. Hair supplied by Vietnamese raw hair vendors is of the best quality.

  • Elevated, chemical-free natural resources are used in Southeast Asian raw hair factory, leading to thick, robust, and silky hair. Exceptional endurance must be the standout quality. In the right hands, raw hair extensions from Southeast Asia can endure for a decade.
  • Every raw hair factory could provide hair extension items at competitive pricing relative to the international economy due to the plentiful natural resources and extremely inexpensive employee salaries, with the usual cost for a 100g 9-inch wholesale hair cells starting at just $13.
  • The best raw  hair factories in South East Asia are: Vin Hair Vendor, Ivirgo Hair, Cambodian Freak, Beautiful Hair,…

2.2. China is home to the most extensive raw hair factory in the worldwide

Raw hair factory from China are currently the most sought after in the international spiky hairstyle.

  • Due to the restricted and inadequate procurement domestically, Chinese hair producers commonly purchase commodities including India, Pakistan, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
  • The raw hair factory’s access to certain commodities is a crucial aspect in its success. If indeed the raw hair manufacturer imports high-grade components from Southeast Asian nations, then the items that come out of that plant are of a very excellent caliber. In any other case, the goods are going to be inferior grade because the building ingredients will have been sourced from other countries like Pakistan and India. After using these treatments for even a brief period of time, your mane will quickly grow extremely fragile and prone to tangling, despite its initial attractive and lustrous appearance.
  • China’s raw hair factory, in particular, provide their wares at competitively cheap costs, often hovering approximately $11 per 100g wholesale hair bundles 8 inches long. However, if you want excellent value, you should be willing to shell out up to twenty dollars for each package.

2.3. Indian raw hair factory – raw hair factory offers raw hair at low prices

Raw hair producers in India, like their Southeast Asian and Chinese counterparts, have attracted a lot of interest from buyers throughout the world.

  • India’s raw hair factory sources its raw materials locally, largely from temple hair (collected from temples where Indians perform the shave rituals) or obtained directly from donors.
  • Raw hair is a lucrative business in India, however, there are rumors that some companies are selling hairballs mixed with raw hair (low-quality hair gathered from public locations like sewers and restrooms) as raw hair.
  • In India, the majority of raw hair factories run small operations with basic equipment. India’s raw hair factories are able to produce large quantities of hair thanks to the abundant local supply. But because technology and equipment are not yet modern, lead time may be prolonged.

In India, the majority of raw hair factories run small operations with basic equipment

  • India’s raw hair businesses provide strong enough hair that can be bleached or colored, but since it is naturally coarse, thin, and curly, it is quite tough to style.

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