There are a lot of people who sell raw hair, but it isn’t simple to locate the top ones. As such, if you’re either fresh to the hair company or operate your possess hair biz and are searching for a reliable raw hair vendor, I wish this post will be very helpful to you.

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1. What You Need to Understand Regarding Raw Hair Vendors

Prior to actually getting started with raw hair vendors, you need to be aware of the following objects:

  • Suppliers of raw hair and ancillary activities to the global hair industry are known as “raw hair vendors.” Hair that hasn’t been processed or altered in any way, including by the application of chemicals or radiation, is called “raw hair,” and it’s in excellent shape since its cells are still in their original positions. However, raw hair can also mean premium human hair that has been processed into an extension (in the shape of a weave, point, adhesive, etc.). Having gone through some processing but not all of it yet
  • Industrial raw hair suppliers and industrial raw hair suppliers are the two categories of raw hair vendors. Companies that specialize in making hair extensions also sell those items to businesses that use them. That being said, whether you wish to save money on your purchases, going straight to the source is your best bet.

One way to tell the difference between the 2 kinds of raw hair vendors is to shock them with such google hangouts and request to see the facility and the hair samples. Genuine producers will be happy to oblige.

  • The vast majority of hair goods sold by raw hair vendors on the marketplace currently are made from remy hair, a type of virgin hair that is increasingly hard to come by. The reason for this is that a single patient’s hair won’t be sufficient to form a full package or weft of virgin hair, hence the hair is sold separately. The best quality remy hair is used in the production of “virgin” hair.

2. Find out the largest raw hair vendors in the world

At the moment, there are a great number of raw  hair vendors dispersed over the globe; nevertheless, there are 2 main areas in which the virtually raw hair vendors have situated: China, the Southeast Asian Region

2.1. Good sources of raw hair vendor can be found in Southeast Asia

Raw hair vendors originating in Southeast Asia have, for a long time, garnered a large amount of interest from buyers not just in the area but also all over the globe.

  • Hair is acquired domestically by raw hair vendors in Southeast Asia, typically primarily remote or hilly locations where young women wear their hair straight, look for it with organic products, and avoid synthetic treatments. This results in hair that is uniformly black, dense, and robust.

Hair is acquired domestically by raw hair vendors in Southeast Asia

  • Raw hair vendors in Southeast Asia use high-quality, chemical-free raw ingredients to produce long, silky, robust hair. With careful care, it should last for decades.
  • Southeast Asian raw hair vendors offer hair goods at competitive pricing in comparison to the global sector, with the going rate hovering about $13 USD for a 100 gram eight inch package.

Vietnamese, Laotian, Burmese, and Cambodian suppliers offer some of the most premium raw human hair in Southeast Asia.

2.2. The majority of the globe’s raw hair vendors are sold in China

In the context of the global fashion field, it is possible to state that Chinese raw hair vendors  hold the highest customer base.

  • Chinese raw hair vendors frequently purchase supplies from neighboring nations like Vietnam and Cambodia, or India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, since local supply is insufficient to satisfy demands.
  • largely reliant on the quality of ingredients used by raw hair vendors. Elevated resources supplied from Southeast Asian countries can help ensure the grade of the items sold by Chinese raw hair vendors. However, the company’s value will suffer because of the inferior real curls used if the ingredients come from places like India and Pakistan. Although the hair used in these products might pop up bright and attractive, it quickly becomes stiff, tangles easily, and lacks strength with repeated usage.
  • The average cost of a 100g 8″ packet of raw hair from a Chinese merchant is roughly $10. Nevertheless, you should expect to pay upwards of $20 for each package.

2.3. India – where raw hair vendors have the lowest prices

Along with their Chinese and Southeast Asian raw hair vendors, clients from all over the world keep an eye on raw hair vendors in India.

  • Indian raw hair vendors get their source locally, mostly from temples (collected from Indian temples where people shave their hair for rituals).
  • Raw hair vendors in India are mainly small-scale workshops with still rudimentary equipment and machinery.
  • Indian raw hair is rough, dry and naturally curly due to the hot weather here. Hair needs to be straightened before styling. This also makes the hair weaker and requires more care.

Indian raw hair is rough, dry and naturally curly due to the hot weather here

  • India’s raw hair vendors can offer products at the lowest prices on the market, starting at about 6-7$/100g 8″ hair bundle, thanks to the country’s cheap labor prices and abundant local supply of raw materials.

3. Top best raw hair vendors in the world

Here is a list of raw hair vendors from across the globe that are trusted by their customers to provide excellent hair extensions at competitive prices.

3.1. Vin hair vendor – the best Vietnamese raw hair vendor

Vin hair vendor is a famous Vietnamese hair factory that provides high-quality hair at competitive prices.


Vin hair vendor – the best Vietnamese raw hair vendor

  • Bundles, wefts, clips, and tapes are the most popular hair extensions sold by Vin hair vendor. It’s noticeable that the Nigerian market is one of the most important export markets for the hair factory’s bone straight hair products.
  • Vin hair vendor only uses high-quality raw Vietnamese hair in all of their products; they never use any synthetic or other hair sources.
  • The price is very competitive, only from 8USD/ hair bundle

If you are a hair distributor in the hair market and want high-quality raw Vietnamese hair at a competitive price, Vin hair vendor is the best choice.

3.2. Unice Hair – Top the best raw hair vendors China

Unice is a Chinese raw hair vendor with distribution centres all over the world.


Unice Hair – Top the best raw hair vendors China

  • Products: Unice is well-known for being one of China’s best hair manufacturers, specializing in manufacturing items made entirely from human hair. Handmade lace and hair come in a variety of colors and lengths to suit any client’s requirements. Wigs from Unice Hair are well-known for their natural appearance and wide range of available colors and lengths.
  • Price: quite expensive, but the quality is good. 94.1 USD for 10-inch Human Weaves Virgin Straight Brazilian Hair 3 Bundles.
  • Policy: They accept return

Unice is the top hair manufacturer in the world in China, with great quality and service.

4.4. SGI Hair – one of the most popular Indian raw hair vendors

SGI Hair t is one of the best Indian raw hair vendors, and its products are sold worldwide.


SGI Hair – one of the most popular Indian raw hair vendors

  • Products: hair wigs, hair extensions, lace wigs, hair care products
  • Price: The price is a bit more expensive than others.
  • Service: Shipping usually takes 5-7 working days, shipping fee depends on the weight you buy

SGI Hair is one of the greatest raw hair vendors in the globe from which to pick in the hair business.