On the international market for hair extensions, raw Brazilian hair is highly prized. In such cases, the rumors about the quality of raw Brazilian hair seem to be true. Below, we’ll investigate this question and see what we can discover.


What Are the Reasons Why Raw Brazilian Hair Is So Well-Liked

1. The complete guide to raw Brazilian hair

Here, we’ll cover the fundamentals of working with raw Brazilian hair:

1.1. What is raw Brazilian hair

Raw Brazilian hair is hair from Brazil that has not been subjected to chemicals, including dyeing, bleaching, or perming. The cuticles remain intact and align in one manner. Weaving, tip-in, adhesive hair, splice hair, and other forms of hair extension are all manufactured from raw Brazilian hair today.


What is raw Brazilian hair

1.2. Finding the source of raw Brazilian hair

Contributors in the South American area provided the raw hair that was processed into Brazilian hair. Volunteers in Brazil are typically from smaller rural towns, where residents are incentivized to maintain and give their good locks in exchange for financial compensation.

Raw Brazilian hair is said to be extremely hard to come by these days since fewer Brazilians are opting to trade their hair, and instead more often than not Chinese, Indian, or raw Vietnamese hair is mislabeled as raw Brazilian  hair for commercial gain.

1.3. The quality of raw Brazilian hair

Raw Brazilian hair is currently in limited supply on the global hair marketplace for its exceptional quality, which includes its thickness, bounce, softness, excellent whitening capability, and longevity.

From the time they are young, around age 5 or 6, Brazilian moms have been responsible for their daughters’ hair maintenance. There are several clinics in Brazil that specialize in epidermal procedures. This, in addition to the weather and innate qualities of the Brazilian people, is what gives Brazilian hair its distinctive texture, volume, and shine.

  • Black, springy, velvety, and dense are all characteristics of Brazilian hair, and these qualities are all present in raw Brazilian hair as well. Brazilians place a high value on hair maintenance.

Black, springy, velvety, and dense are all characteristics of Brazilian hair

  • If you get Brazilian raw hair, you may dye your hair whatever color you want because it can be bleached or colored very effectively. That is because the cuticles are still intact and the hair runs in the same direction.
  • According to customer reviews of raw Brazilian hair, it has great endurance and may last up to two years with proper care.

2. Some Way To Check Raw Brazilian Hair Quality

You can tell if it’s real high-quality raw Brazilian hair by following these checks:

  • Even though it’s light and airy, raw Brazilian hair nevertheless has a particular weight to it. The mane might be Indian if it is overly porous, thin, and slightly harsh, or Chinese if it is excessively silky and lustrous.
  • Items that were artificially made will have a distinct and unpleasant odor. If the bad smell stays even after multiple washings, it’s probably a dangerous substance.

Items that were artificially made will have a distinct and unpleasant odor

  • When your hair breaks easily or falls out easily, you may detect it by caressing it from root to tip or beating it vigorously.
  • Try running your fingers through your dyed hair and seeing whether any of the pigment stays put; if it does, you might be dealing with a low-quality shade of red.
  • The raw Brazilian hair threads should be dropped into the water. If they sink, that’s a sign of high-quality hair, and then if they soar, low-quality hair. This is because premium hair doesn’t really take in moisture.

The raw Brazilian hair threads should be dropped into the water

  • Check for shriveled hair by grasping a section and gently rubbing it between your fingers. Raw hair dealers often trick buyers into thinking they have longer hair than they do by splicing lengthy and short strands together.

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3. Things to keep in mind when buying high-quality raw Brazilian hair

If you want real high-quality raw Brazilian hair, only purchase from vendors that have these characteristics:

  • The first thing to look for when deciding where to purchase raw Brazilian hair is a hair factory with a specific address in Brazil. While it’s possible that some Brazilian factories may actually sell genuine raw Brazilian hair, it’s almost certain that factories outside of Brazil will not import raw Brazilian hair for sale but will instead use hair from their own country and falsely label it as raw Brazilian hair to trick customers.

Only purchase from vendors that is a hair factory with a specific address in Brazil

  • Real raw Brazilian hair is pricey, as was already mentioned. Therefore, choose locations where prices are at least equal to the market average. You won’t be able to get genuine Brazilian raw hair on the market for a low cost, for sure.